Sugar Sync Cloud Storage Review Review
Sugar Sync Cloud Storage


Description: With you can backup your whole system and be sure your files are safe.


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Sugar Sync is a powerful and secure cloud storage provider. You can easy backup your whole computer and be safe all the data is saved.

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As far as saving and access to data, is concerned, cloud storage has proven to be the best way to store data in a secure and accessible manner that enables you to access and retrieve data from anywhere. With this in mind, sugar sync is one of the best companies offering these crucial services to businesses and individual who are concerned with the safety of their information. The storage space that they offer their customers are available in different affordable prices and hence clients can be able to choose the best storage space to acquire in order to save your information.

Sugar Sync Features

? Access to files from different devices

Unlike other companies offering cloud storage services, sugar sync enables you to access information from various devices that you may have. Access to files from different devices means that your data is always available for you to retrieve from any of your devices including, Android and iPhones, tablets, laptop and even from your home computer.

? Backing up of all the folders on your computer

Unlike Dropbox, Google Docs, and other cloud storage services available on the market, sugar sync enables you to back up every folder on your computer. Backing up of all the folders means that you will be able to store any kind of information that you require. With these, you can also make all the information on your computer available to you since you can back up everything here, to access it from any point that you want.

? Choosing the files that sync across devices

For security purposes, this company enables you to determine which files that you can access using different devices. This is a very nice feature which is not available with many companies that offer the same services.

? Uploading via email

The company also offers a feature that allows you to backup data which have been sent to you via email, through the upload by email option available here. Uploading via email is also easy if you would like to backup data through the email while sending it or even in case you find it simple this way.

? Sharing information

When it comes to sharing of information, sugar sync offers the best option as you can easily send files of any sizes to a person that you desire to send. You can also share folders after uploading them, with permission from the owner. This means that your data is very safe and easy to use after backing up using the storage space provided by this company.


Sugar sync has different available payment plans which include:

? 100 GB for individual users at an average price of $7.5 per month

? 250 GB also for individual users at an average price of $10 per month

? 500 GB at an average price of $19 per month

? For business use, this company offers 1000GB worth of storage space which can be accessed by less than 10 users, charging a price ranging from $55 to $133 depending on the number of users.

? This company further provides a custom made option of saving data where a client requires the data to be used by more than 10 users.

Free storage

Sugar sync does not provide free storage space but instead, they offer a 30-day free trial period on any of their plans and hence you can choose whether the company is favorable for you after the trial period.

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