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Description: Hybrid cloud storage with high security and privacy.


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    Paid Storage - 7/10
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    Backup - 8/10
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    Price - 9/10

Summary is one of the well-known cloud storage services. They give 5Gb for free and have great options for members that need more than 5GB of space.

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As technological advancement continues, more and more people prefer cloud storage for their files. The trend is justifiable because cloud storage offers some incredibly useful features. In this article, we look at one of the cloud storage providers,, commonly referred to as sync.

How Works provides cloud storage features for its users across the world by operating data centers where all subscribers’ data is securely stored. The company allows the owner to access their data anytime anywhere. As a result, once you subscribe to sync, you will not have the risk of losing files because they are backed up at sync data centers.


Sync offers two options for the user. There is the sync free which offers up to 5GB of storage without charging anything, and then there is the Sync Pro which comes in two categories. The first category of sync pro offers storage of up to 500 GB of data for $49 per year. The second option of Sync Pro offers up to 2 TB of storage at a cost of $98 per year. Therefore, if you do not need to store large files, it is possible to use the sync free option for as long as you want without paying anything. The option is mostly preferred by individual users and small companies while big business chose the pro option.

Useful Features of

1. Privacy and Security

Sync offers secure and private storage and transfer of your data. To achieve this, the company provides end to end encryption of data so that only the owner or persons authorized by them can access the data. Under sync?s privacy policy, even the company itself is not allowed to have access to your stored data.

2. Automatic Backup

Sync offers automatic backup of your data so that you need not keep on backing up manually. With manual backup, you could run the risk of forgetting, losing crucial information. You can also synchronize files stored on all your devices.

3. File Sharing

Sync allows you to share files with anybody. The other person need not have a sync account to be able to receive the data from you.

4. Easy Access to Files

Once you subscribe to sync, you can access your files from any location in the world. You can use both computers and mobile phones for this purpose because Sync offers apps for both devices. For computers, you need either Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

5. Team collaboration

The company offers features that allow you to work on documents in a team. The feature is most useful for business as staff can access documents even when not in the office. Using share folders, you can create multi-user workspaces with file permissions, business-class administration tools, remote wipe and access control.

The Downside of

Due to the encryption of data which is meant to provide privacy to the user, opening or previewing a file on the server, it takes around 3 minutes before opening it. The reason is that for you to be able to access the file, it must first be decrypted. The delay could be frustrating especially when you need to work on a file as a matter of urgency.

With this information and more that is available on their website, we trust that you will be able to make an informed choice to pick your cloud storage options.

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