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Spideroak Cloud Storage

Name: Spideroak.com

Description: For high security and privacy you should get Spideroak.


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Spideroak is the best solution for the people that need high security and privacy. With Spideroak your files are safe.

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Spideroak is a cloud storage service that was founded in 2007 by Alan Fairless and Ethan Oberman. The storage service was created based on the zero knowledge philosophy meaning that the employees working in the company that developed this service do not have any access to your files and data. The cloud storage service gives your maximum data protection since it is only you who has the encryption key. The service is designed for individuals who work using various devices and need a central place to keep all their data. Businesses that are skeptical about sharing their data with the wrong people can find Spideroak useful due to is high privacy.

Features and benefits of Spideroak cloud storage service

? Interface

The primary interface is dashboard having five main tabs: Home, Backup, Manage, Sync, and Share. You will access your devices, a Network Health Status bar, and the Control Center Module at the Home tab. The backup section allows you to back up your files which may include photos, documents, Movies, or Music to Spideroak. You will be able the storage capacity remaining at the Storage Bar located at the bottom of the interface. The storage service zero knowledge policy ensures your data is protected both in transit and at rest.

? Backup Scheduling options

You can customize your backup schedule in the settings section according to your convenience. Through customization, you can also select files varying in size and type from being backed up. The option is a good fit for individuals who want to control the files that get backed up and those that should not back up according to their size or a particular keyword used to name them.

? Sync and sharing

The cloud storage service features a syncing service called Hive. Any folder that you place on the Hive folder gets shared on another device that has installed your Spideroak. The location of the Hive cannot be changed though another folder can be created for syncing. The process of sharing files in this system involves a system called ShareRooms. Recipients of your data can gain access to the ShareRooms by logging into the Spideroak website using a shareID and a RoomKey. The system allows users to add new files and edit the existing ones.

? Web Client

The storage service is designed with a web interface that is easy and convenient to use. You can easily download files and music and view the capacity of storage remaining. The web interface also allows you to upload files to your Hive folder.

? Restoring files

The feature is perfect fit individuals that want to have control over what they download. The Restoring files feature can also be used in the Web Client feature to restore batches of files by just selecting folders and clicking the download button.

Pros of this cloud storage service

? The service provides maximum protection to your files

? Multiple devices can be accessed in the account

? The service provides excellent customization services


? The performance of Spideroak is slow

? It has no search option in the web interface

? It is expensive compared to other storage service providers

Spideroak pricing

The storage service has a free trial period of 60 days. Personal plans will charge you seven dollars monthly for 30GB. One terabyte is provided at 12 dollars per month or 129 dollars annually.

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