Google Drive Cloud Storage Service Review

Google Drive Review
Google Drive Cloud Storage


Description: Google Drive is one of the most popular and famous storage providers.


  • 9/10
    Paid Storage - 9/10
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    Free Storage - 9/10
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    Sharing - 8/10
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    Backup - 7/10
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    Security and privacy - 8/10
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    Price - 10/10


Google Drive is affordable cloud storage provider. If you need more space Google Drive is one of the options for you.

Google drive has been around for a couple of years and until quite recently has become one for the strongest contenders rivaling for your data in the cloud space. This article shall explain the perks and the cons of choosing Google Drive as your cloud storage service.

With Google Drive Get 15GB Free

For starters, Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage to any user for a max file size of 5GB each. And if you?re someone that would like more storage there are priced plans offering varied amounts of increased storage from 100GB, 1TB, 10TB, 20TB up to 30TB. Through its Google Photos offering, all photos of up to 16MP can be stored on Google drive for free. Moreover, documents that are uploaded to Google Docs, Sheets or Slides won?t take up any space on Google Drive. It also has support for 3rd party applications to function in conjunction with Google Drive service.

For enterprise users, Google offers a fixed price of $10 per user per month for unlimited storage. However, if an account has less than five users, then each user gets a max of 1TB respectively. Google also guarantees an uptime of 99.9% while also providing 24/7 phone and email support. Apart from that, the Enterprise plans also offer advanced file audit reporting and discovery services.

Both offerings i.e. the enterprise plans, as well as standard free plans, give users precise control over who has access and what kind of access they have to view, comment or edit the files stored on Google Drive. Real-time collaboration baked into this cloud service provides for smooth and efficient co-editing of documents in real time. Another cool feature of using this cloud storage option is that Google Drive supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and image file recognition making searching for files within Google Drive efficient and easy and quick. All data is stored and transmitted in the encrypted form using the best standards of encryption. However, the data is not end to end encrypted. On the web, the Google Drive viewer allows you to view and in particular cases edit a large variety of file types that include but are not limited to pictures, Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, videos, audio files, RAR and ZIP files, etc. This does away with the need to install separate software to view such files.

Cons of Google Drive

Moving onto the cons, the web service, as well as the desktop client and app, aren?t as sleek and efficient as those of other cloud storage providers. Many times while uploading data through the web service, the dialog box generated to show the progress of files being updated doesn?t display accurate information. The Google Drive desktop sync client that can be installed on a PC or Mac far too often fails to perform satisfactorily. There are moments when in spite of a file being uploaded, the desktop client re-uploads the file or downloads it again onto the PC or Mac thus wasting bandwidth. This can be especially problematic for large files. Not just that, the Google Drive software is quite a memory hog too and slows down PC start-up times considerably if made to initiate during start up. For small memory devices, this can be quite a bummer. Even on the iPhone or Android smartphone whenever your device is low on memory the Google Drive app fails to upload data.

Despite the cons, the various features bundled with this cloud service make Google Drive one of the best cloud storage providers to use.

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