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Description: FilesAnywhere provides high security to your data which you can access anytime and when ever you want.


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FilesAnywhere can help your business grow. With their advanced file storage technology and large experience they have in so many years, you can be sure your data is safe and secured.

File sharing is an integral part for many of us, whether it?s used for secure file sharing for businesses documents with partners or using it for a more personal use, such as storing photos or saving important documents that hold sentimental value.

But given the fact that there are many different file sharing services how do you know which provider you can choose and rely on? File storage does have a controversial nature attached to it, and all too often you see file sharing services go offline and disappear into oblivion. is one of the best in the business ? a pioneer in file storage and sharing. Based in Texas, they have been operating since 1999 just as the file sharing boom was really beginning to take off. For this reason, they have managed to stay ahead in the industry ensuring the latest technology is being utilized to safeguard their client’s most sensitive information.

So, what does this ultimately mean for you?

If you are a business person or a company looking to secure your file sharing with co-workers or colleagues, then you will find a plan that suits your needs. For a fair price all of which coincides with your own IT infrastructure designed for easy integration ? so that you can get on with the work that you need to do, without the worry of security or accessibility.

Whether or not you are a small to medium sized business or a firm with many employees and demands has different plans determined to your needs. Their most extensive plan has no download or storage limits ? meaning that you have peace of mind that your files are safe and accessible to only those who have the rights to use them.

That is of course ? if you need a custom plan, they are happy to design something that can meet your needs precisely.

What features would you expect from a premium file sharing service that caters towards secure file sharing for a business?

Synchronization is the life blood of keeping important projects organized especially for business ? has a simple synchronization tool that allows you to keep your documents updated locally whenever there is a change made to a file ? whether It be a group collaboration or an individual task.

Data backups and controlled access is also a feature important to many businesses. Security is a high priority, and realize that. So in addition to their standard service of file hosting, they also employ technology to back up your files just in case anything does go awry. Giving you the comfort knowing that your work is secure and always just a click away.

They also provide version control ? a tool that anyone would find useful if multiple users are making adjustments and working on a single document. If you don?t want to get lost again on who is doing what you will find this feature most useful as it keeps track of everything that is being done via detailed tracking, history management, and alerts.

If file management, sharing, and storage are what you need for your business and you need it done securely, be sure to look at ? for a safe, efficient and security minded solution.

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