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Description: Cloud storage provided by pCloud is safe and secure.


  • 8/10
    Paid Storage - 8/10
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    Free Storage - 10/10
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    Sharing - 10/10
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    Backup - 8/10
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    Security and privacy - 10/10
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    Price - 10/10


Keeping files with pCloud was never being so easy. You can store lots of data for free, but if you need more you can always subscribe and get high amount of data storage.

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While searching for cloud storage providers on the internet, pCloud is one of the options that will turn up in your web search engine results. Before making any rash decisions, read this review to discover whether it?s the right cloud storage provider for you and your business needs.

Features of pCloud

This service offers many features. Below are some of the most notable features that pCloud offers to its users.

20 GB Free Storage

Before being increased to 20 GB, pCloud used to offer just 10 GB of free storage space. Coupled with its high encryption, pCloud?s 20 GB free storage may be more useful than Dropbox?s and Google Drive?s 5 GB and 15 GB free storage space respectively.

File Sharing

When it comes to file/folder sharing, pCloud offers you three major ways through which you can achieve that, and they include:

1. Share download link

Share download link enables users to share a link for downloading the folder or file in question. The recipient of the link can download the file or folder and edit them on his/her device. This option is best for sharing files that shouldn?t (or don?t need to) be edited.

2. Share upload link

This sharing option allows other people (besides the account owner) to upload files to the account. This makes it possible for groups to share documents without resorting to emails.

3. Invite to folder

With this, you can allow family, friends, and co-workers to view the selected folder/file. All persons that receive this invitation can edit the files within the web-browser. However, only one person can work on a given file at any particular time. This helps to avoid versioning issues that may occur in case a file is edited by anyone of the users.

File Sync

This feature allows users to sync files from other locations. You can back up your social media accounts (such as Facebook and Instagram) so as to avoid losing any important information/images that you post (or have posted) in them (the social media accounts). There is a mobile and a desktop application for keeping information on a user?s mobile and desktop devices synced to his/her pCloud account. File syncing requires the user to provide his/her credentials to pCloud.

Recover Deleted Files

This feature allows you to recover any files that you may have deleted either deliberately or accidentally. Data recovering can be done by navigating to the ?Trash? section of the account. Using the ?History? section, you can view the changes that may have been made to your files/account.

Privacy and Security

pCloud offers several privacy and security features that some of its competitors don?t. In addition to providing server-side encryption, pCloud also provides local side encryption. You need to subscribe to their Crypto plan so as to be able to set your own encryption key. The Crypto plan alone costs $3.99/month. The Crypto plan has also got a 14-day trial period. During the transfer of data, TLS encryption is used by the service. The 256-bit encryption is used when data is at rest.

Price Plans for pCloud

If the 20 GB free storage space isn?t enough for your needs, pCloud offers you two other options of extending your storage space. They offer 500 GB at $3.99 and 1 TB at $7.99. As it was mentioned earlier, private encryption is provided as a premium service, and hence it will require you to pay an extra $3.99 each month.

The Downsides Of pCloud

? This service doesn?t offer real-time collaboration. Collaboration is only possible through sharing folders.

? There isn?t any way of allowing users to view files without editing them. Additionally, each file can only be modified by one user at any particular time. Even though this might be good by avoiding versioning issues, it may cause a serious problem in case you have many team members working on the same project.

? The private encryption feature which is offered as a premium feature by pCloud is already provided as a standard (free) feature by some of the other cloud storage services.


All things considered, pCloud is a great cloud storage provider. Since it focuses on usability, it doesn?t have any restrictions on size and speed limit while downloading or uploading files. With its secure encryption, 20 GB free storage, and affordable price plans; pCloud is a great application for both personal and business users. To signup for the service, just go to their website.

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