Elephant Drive Cloud Storage Review

Elephantdrive.com Review
ElephantDrive Cloud Storage

Name: Elephantdrive.com

Description: ElephantDrive is best place to store your backups and files.


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    Paid Storage - 10/10
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    Free Storage - 6/10
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    Sharing - 10/10
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    Backup - 10/10
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    Security and privacy - 10/10
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    Price - 6/10


With ElephantDrive you can create your backups, sync and share files. You can be sure that they security is high and your stuff will be secured.

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Elephant Drive is a business account designed for both individuals and business organizations. The cloud storage device is capable supporting server operating systems, files that are both locked and open, together with large files starting at 50 GB. The Elephant Drive storage is a fit for individuals and businesses that are in need of syncing and backing up different devices to the cloud. Getting started with your Elephant Drive account is an easy task as it only involves downloading and installing the application to your device. After the installation process, you will be provided with a step by step guide on how to set up your backups.

Features and benefits of Elephant Drive

? Encryption data and security

The feature is capable of encrypting your files with a military-grade AES encryption through the 256-bit key. The advantage that comes with this function is that it ensures that your data and records get stored safely under high standard conditions.

? The File Archiving feature

Through the archive archiving feature enable the Elephant Drive to archive all your data safely. The records are kept safely, and they can be accessed at any time. The issue of human error and data loss problems will become history through this feature.

? Mapped Drive

The Mapped Drive feature is capable of mapping your Elephant Drive account to your hard drive device. Through the Mapped Drive function, you will be able to access your files directly from your hard drive without having to log into your Elephant Drive Account. The benefit of this feature is that you will be able to access your files conveniently at any place without logging into your Elephant Drive account.

? Automated Continuous Backup

The Automated Continuous Backup feature will enable you to run your data in any way you want. The feature is a fit for individuals that are busy to keep on setting up their backups manually.

? Unlimited Backup from multiple devices

Through the unlimited backup feature will be able to store all your files, data, customer records, and databases from any computer and devices into one central place.

? Remote Access

The Remote Access feature enables you to access your Elephant Drive Account from any computer by just logging in.

? Incremental Backups

Every time you run a backup, the system will only recognize newly formed files or modified ones. You will not be required to waste time waiting for the system to re-back up all your files each time you run a job.

? The free storage feature

Through the free storage function, all files deleted from your hard drive will be stored safely in your Elephant Drive Account. The advantage of the Free Storage Feature is that you will be able to create more space on your hard drive and at the same time maintain your files in the cloud storage device.

? File Sharing

The Everywhere Folder enables you to sync your files to all other devices. You do not have to move to your personal computer to every place. Through the Everywhere Folder, you can also share your files with other recipients who have an Elephant Drive Account installed on their devices.

Elephant Drive pricing

The pricing of this storage device is designed to attract both individuals and business institutions. The storage device aims to scale up or down automatically depending on how your data storage changes. The individual plan offers a 50GB storage space for 4.95 dollars per month, and the business plan has a minimum of 50GB for 25 dollars per month.

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