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Description: With you can keep your computer files safe and secure.


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No free storage on, but you can use the free trial and test this great cloud storage provider.

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If you have ever been disappointed by the unreliability of personal data backup solutions, it might be time to look at cloud-based off-site data storage with versioning and unlimited storage capacity for low annual fees. Personal plans are available for Windows and MacOS machines for as little as $59.99 per year and provide automatic backup of one personal computer, remote access to your files, and free U.S. based technical support seven days a week. For $99.99 per year, the service will also backup any attached external hard drives and do a complete backup of your entire system in a version-controlled system (Windows only) that will allow you to recover files that you altered or deleted with good intentions but realized later was a mistake. With all the home plans there is unlimited storage capacity, so your fees are fixed and predictable. What’s more, for a price reduction of up to 30% you can subscribe for multiple years. If you’re moving in the San Francisco Bay area, moving companies miami is a great choice to move you and your family. We have the experience, the resources, and the right team to make sure your move is worry-free.

Restore your Files Easily

Files stay on the Carbonite servers for 30 days and can be restored not only to the computer it was installed on but if your computer was stolen or damaged you can restore to a new computer using the Dashboard. Since there are no file size restrictions, you can rest assured that all your files will be backed up including photos, documents, music, video, email, and even your system settings. Plus and Prime accounts can mirror the entire system drive and keep version controlled copies of documents going back up to 3 months. All files are encrypted and stored in Carbonite’s own secure facilities. With a Prime account ($149 / year) you can also request a physical copy of the backup to be couriered to you.

You Can Use Carbonite With your Mobile Device

Carbonite is available for mobile devices running Android or iOS and will backup your media files like photos and videos from your device. The app is free, but the idea is that you associate it with your Carbonite account. From your device, you can inspect your account’s backup files and status. There are more features for Android devices such as anti-theft features including locating your device or resetting it to factory defaults.

Carbonite for Office Has Many Features

Carbonite is also available for the office, which you will need if you have any Windows Server machines. While the plans for office use do not include unlimited storage capacity, they do include unlimited computers at tier one for $199 per year. This does not include a server, for that you will need the tier two plan which adds coverage for one server at $599 per year, and for $999 per year you can have unlimited servers. With Carbonite Server Backup you can increase the strength of encryption to 256 bit, backup from a wider variety of external storage types, create custom backup profiles and use a combination of local and cloud backup targets so that Carbonite handles your on-site backup as well. With the BMR (Bare Metal Restore) feature, you can restore a server backup to a new machine even if it has different hardware and no OS installed.

Unfortunately, the support for non-windows machines is limited, and there is no support for Linux.

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